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The gallery

We thought it was essential to create a virtual gallery in Aranjuez and to promote the artists, this is why our art initiative came into being. Thanks to we can promote not only young artists, but also the well-known artists on the Internet. It is easier to show and sell their works of art to national and international public.


Virtual Art Aranjuez Gallery supports all the young or unknown artists, shows their works, tries to achieve their social recognition and helps the artists to sell their works of art. It also tries to provide the buyers, companies, foundations and associations all the necessary information about the different styles of our gallery in the easiest way.

About us

Our team is an enthusiastic and tireless group of friends who loves the art and tries to show great dedication to our dream. We are supported by several public and private bodies such as Aranjuez City council, Centro de Estudios Superiores FELIPE II (FELIPE II, Higher Education Institution) and several communications companies, such as Cine Digital.


Our gallery is situated in Royal Seat and Village of Aranjuez, in the southern part of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain. Here, we organize all our activities and projects.

Aranjuez is a cultural place. Since it has a rich historical past and several generations of royal families lived in this town, nowadays we can admire the great Palacio Real (royal palace) and its vast gardens. This town inspired JoaquĆ­n Rodrigo to compose the Concierto de Aranjuez and it also inspired many artists from all over the world to do a great number of paintings. In 2001, the Aranjuez cultural landscape was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Contact Us

Address: C/ pintor Sorolla, 27, Aranjuez (28300) MADRID