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Logo Art Aranjuez Galerí

Virtual Art Aranjuez Gallery was created to support and encourage not only the popular plastic artists, but also the emerging national or international ones.

The virtual Art Aranjuez Gallery has the total support of Aranjuez City Council and Fundación Art Aranjuez (Art Aranjuez fundation). Moreover, Virtual Art Aranjuez Gallery has a collaboration agreement with Centro de Estudios Superiores FELIPE II (FELIPE II, Higher Education Institution) and its projects are backed by the town council.

It is also supported by the publishing company Doce Calles, several associations, such as BASIDA (declared of public interest), and communications companies, such as Cine Digital.

Virtual Art Aranjuez Gallery tries to promote the artists’ works and its co-workers’ websites. This gallery was created with the purpose of promoting artists and reaching a valuable cultural exchange.

What may we gain? We may gain promotion for those artists chosen by the investors. What may you gain? You may gain to appear on our website and be able to collaborate with us. Our purpose is to help the artists.

The buyer can hold direct negotiations with the artist, Virtual Art Aranjuez Gallery is only a meeting space.